About GrapeBuddy

Visitor Incentive Platform

GrapeBuddy is the first Visitor Incentive Platform™ for wineries…and people who love wine. Entrepreneur Nathan Smallcomb is passionate about technology and wine, and he identified a tremendous opportunity to marry the two after a number of visits to winery tasting rooms.  Realizing that wineries are using manual ways to collect visitor contact information, he assembled a team of technology, marketing, and sales experts to create a Smartphone web app to benefit wineries and wine lovers.

GrapeBuddy’s VIP enables wineries to attract new visitors, easily capture their verified contact information and sell more wine.  By engaging wine lovers with incentives offered through the GrapeBuddy web app, they can begin the process of turning one-time visitors into long-term customers.

Winery visitors with Smartphones benefit as well, by discovering a new class of wine deals with GrapeBuddy, everything from free wine tastings to half-price bottles. They’re encouraged to connect with wineries, share their experiences on social media and ultimately buy more wine.

GrapeBuddy offers a simple technology solution to a marketing issue that’s plagued wineries for a long time.  It also enables wineries to be more generous with their promotions and deals, creating the win-win situation envisioned by the GrapeBuddy team.